Our Industry Leading Guarantee:

As a true partner, Vector stands behind the work that we do. We share in the risks and rewards, equitably, by offering an industry leading guarantee:

"If a client terminates an IT professional we place for
performance-related issues, Vector will refund 50% of the billable time paid to Vector for that professional during the time of contract, up to 20 hours per week, for up to 90 calendar days from the official start date."
No gimmicks or tricks:
Like Vector, this Guarantee is real.


Over the past 20 years, the Vector Consulting team has amassed a wealth of experience undertaking various IT Projects and Talent Acquisition engagements, for a diverse set of clients across the country in support of a diverse set of technical skills. We have built enormous expertise and an intimate knowledge of what works. Now we use this knowledge in helping clients connect with the 'Right Talent' to harness the business value of technology and further their business mission.

We constantly communicate with our stakeholders to discover, learn, and analyze our performance. Inherent throughout the communication process is collaboration, and feedback that helps us initiate meaningful improvement. This is a standard aspect of the Vector Consulting engagement – and both the client and the candidate benefit from this continuous learning and knowledge gain, as we move forward.


Aligning Client, Talent, and IT - We believe that for clients to harness the potential of technology they need the 'Right Talent'. And for this congruence to become a reality a balanced outlook is needed. We at Vector understand this, and our team has distinguished itself by delivering high quality services to both the candidate and the client, in supporting their future vision. Our approach is multifaceted. It starts with the tone at the top: an emphasis on integrity and doing the right thing. Our team works in unison with the candidate and the client; and we constantly assess our performance by meeting with all, as necessary, and apply lessons learned as we move forward.

Our stakeholder-centric approach – a core value - is key to delivering successful outcomes. Consistent with this approach, retention of our clients and associates is a top priority for us and to do this, we continue to develop, deploy and connect with our people in meaningful ways. And we do it with integrity – a founding principle - of Vector Consulting. As a policy we never perform work where its objectivity or independence is compromised. Vector Consulting will decline to perform any work involving an actual "Conflict of Interest", if such a conflict cannot be avoided or mitigated.


Vector Consulting constantly attempts to be at the forefront of technologies and tools available to help with IT Professional Service Contracts. Our experience has helped us innovate and create processes

  • Vector 3A - Fulfillment Framework
  • Vector 360 – Talent Acquisition Process
  • Vector EM – Engagement Methodology

that enhance speed and cost effectiveness, quality assurance, risk mitigation, execution and the efficacy of our solutions.