Vector 360(Talent Acquisition Process)


Vector 360 is a multi-step process that is customizable, and has been built around certain repeatable tasks, using real world insights and experiences. We begin our talent acquisition by gaining an understanding of the clients' needs and objectives. Then using our market intelligence, we craft a sourcing strategy to help engage and deploy the Right Talent.

Our multi-stage process begins when we receive a requirement from the client.

STAGE 1 - Requirement Receiving, Understanding & Designing Sourcing Strategy

In this stage the requirement from the client is received and disseminated internally. The requirement is analyzed, by a dedicated Account Manager, to understand the client's needs including any special requirements or restrictions. And then a strategy is put in place to seek and engage with potential candidates.

STAGE 2 – Qualification (Sourcing, Screening and Selection)

Once the sourcing strategy is put in place, our dedicated team of recruiters begins aggregating potential candidates from external (Referrals, Internet, Job Sites, and Social Media) and internal (ATS) resources. Vector's ATS system has over 20,000 qualified candidates who have gone through various levels of our comprehensive qualification process and can be quickly processed based on clients' specific needs.

As the resumes are being aggregated and assessed, our team begins a concurrent evaluation of the potential candidates. The qualification includes a phone screen for soft and technical skills. Each candidate is evaluated for both professional (communication, personality, culture, and domain) and technical competence (relevant skills, depth of skills, industry, and appropriate education and certifications).

We realize that a key success factor of our business is the quality of the candidate we submit for consideration. The Account manager is required to ensure that the consultant is indeed suitable for and interested in the assignment. We have found that this process has generated employee satisfaction resulting in lower turnover rates, and consultant longevity on client projects.

STAGE 3 – Submission and On-boarding

Upon acceptance of a suitable candidate by the Vector Account Manager, resumes are submitted to our client in standardized Vector Format; grammatically correct and factually accurate.

Once a client selects a candidate, we conduct a comprehensive background and reference check, as agreed upon by mutual consultation.

Finally, as a part of our on-boarding process is of significant importance and provides a platform to Vector to provide orientation about client policies & processes. It also provides an opportunity for us to introduce the new consultant to existing consultants from Vector thereby building a strong Vector community at the client site.

The Account Manager normally accompanies the new-hire on the first days and introduces them to the hiring manager/supervisor, facilitating a smooth on-boarding process.

STAGE 4 – Ongoing Associate Relationship Management

Vector is committed to maintaining ongoing associate relationship management. This constant contact drives associate performance and retention through project completion.

Retention of our professionals is a top priority for us and to do this, we continue to develop, deploy and connect with our people in meaningful ways.

Vector believes in 110% associate satisfaction. We are able to retain our employees because of our management philosophy that promotes; listening, providing periodic feedback, encouraging education and training, competitive compensation, and recognition.

STAGE 5 – Discuss and Learn

During the various stages of the talent acquisition lifecycle we engage with the concerned stakeholders and conduct a self – performance dialogue. We assess the outcomes of our efforts, discuss lessons learned, and prepare for future task orders. The client benefits from our continuous learning and knowledge gain, as we move forward on future task orders.

Inherent throughout the process is communication and collaboration, quality and risk management and customer feedback and process improvement recommendations. This is a standard facet of the Vector Consulting approach to working with our clients.

In summary, we realize that our all encompassing approach/processes provide for superior qualifications and a track record for delivering state-of-the-art services. This distinguishes the Vector team from others, enhancing the benefits of our proposed solutions.