Vector 3A Fulfillment Process

To succeed in an increasingly complex and demanding world, businesses have to constantly innovate and improvise. Business success now is not just a matter of access to technology or capital, but appropriate access to the 'Right Talent'.

As businesses realize that 'Right Talent' is a precursor to 'Right Outcomes', they realize the importance of building a responsive and a pro-active Talent Supply Chain. Vector using its 'Vector 3A Fulfillment Framework' provides clients with the Agility, Adaptability and the Alignment needed to power their access to talent.


This gives us the ability to quickly respond to clients' fluctuating needs – ON DEMAND. When the successful completion of project initiatives is at stake (looming deadlines, or skills shortage, or cost efficiencies), and clients need access to critical talent – Vector can initiate rapid-fire fulfillment to help augment a clients' IT workforce, thus driving workforce efficiencies in support of desired outcomes.

We achieve agility by being in continuous collaboration with both the client and the potential candidates. This constant connection helps us build deep relationships with our stakeholders; enabling Vector to deploy the 'Right Talent' at the right place and at the right time – with speed and quality.


In addition to fluctuating demand cycles, businesses today are constantly faced with an ever-changing landscape – a global economy, changing demographics, emerging technologies. We at Vector constantly monitor these structural changes; adapting our talent engagement and acquisition strategies to provide clients with flexible solutions that enhance their growth and profitability.


We believe that goal congruency, fair transactions – an equitable sharing of risks and rewards – between all stakeholders, and open and honest communications is the recipe to succeed. This is why we offer our industry leading guarantee, and why clients and associates keep coming back to us. After all, we are in this together.