Vector EM - Engagement Methodology

The Vector Engagement Methodology

At Vector Consulting we approach IT Talent Acquisition projects with a mix of science, creativity, and collaboration to leverage our past and ongoing experiences and apply lessons learned as we move forward. Key components of our Engagement Methodology are:

  • Understanding
  • Task Order Management
  • Discuss and Learn
  • Communication Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Fiscal/Compliance Management

Using this methodology we provide clients with a mechanism to acquire and maintain a continuum of IT Talent that is vital to their mission. The foundation and the success of our methodology is the wealth of experience we have amassed over the years to build certain repeatable, yet flexible, processes ('VECTOR 360' Talent Acquisition Process) rooted in delivery philosophy ('VECTOR 3A Fulfillment Framework') that enhance the probabilities of desired outcomes

 We are confident that our proven 'Engagement Methodology' built around VECTOR 360 and VECTOR 3A gives us an edge in meeting or exceeding client expectations, including the ability to offer an industry-leading guarantee.