Vector Story

Vector has grown from small beginnings to become a provider of high-quality 'on-demand' IT talent.

The seeds of Vector Consulting were sown in February 1990 - four software engineers got together to create a company to provide IT professional services and build banking solutions. Two months later, armed with $1,000 of seed money, Vector Consulting was incorporated.

The name Vector has its roots in the physics term 'vector', which implies both magnitude and direction. And this has been Vector's operating mantra - where Magnitude represents our customers, our people, and our knowledge; Direction reflects our purpose – the where and the how. Our business philosophy, our strategy, our execution, all reflect this mantra - an enabler of our profitability and growth.

Today, our vision is to impact the world of Human Capital Acquisition and Management and to allow it to power your future.

To deliver on this vision, we have increased our investments in people, tools, and technologies in our quest to become synonymous with IT Talent Acquisition. Amidst this transformation - growing from our base in Atlanta to an outpost in Virginia and now considering building a global footprint - and with all its associated challenges, we have never let go of our core values:

Innovation, Integrity, Fair Transactions, Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Fun, and Stakeholder Experience and Success.

In fact, our 7 core values helped define our logo, which has been energized and streamlined since the first version which debuted in 1990.

Growth centered on our ambitious goal of becoming synonymous with 'Human Capital Solutions'.

The current trend of rapid technological changes - from Client/Server Environments to Distributed Processing, to Cloud Computing and Mobile Technologies - has become pervasive and fundamental to businesses. And while these changes present businesses with an opportunity to transform themselves, challenges remain. We believe - businesses that navigate through this complex digital terrain will outshine their competition and achieve breakthrough growth and profitability. We also believe that businesses that make this choice will need access to the 'Right IT Talent' to enable this journey.

Our Mission: To become a Partner of Choice in delivering 'IT as a Service' Solutions needed to harness the power of 'Human Energy' and the business value of technology.

Since our founding in 1990, we have believed that People make the Difference. In our diverse experiences, it has been amply proven that the difference between successful and failed projects is People. Using our understanding of technology and human capital management, and working alongside clients, we are committed to sharing our expertise in delivering the 'Right Talent' to help deliver the promise of the Digital Age.

That's why our clients tell us we've "made their lives easy" on so many levels. We collaborate with them at every stage of this journey to help achieve their goals, while never losing our sense of excitement, passion and purpose. We're fun to work with and always fair, and that's why our clients and associates stay with us and keep coming back. The success of our stakeholders is our reward, and we'll go the distance with them to get them there.

Vector is committed to continuously investigating potential partnerships and alliances to deliver on our mission and extend our reach beyond IT Talent Acquisition.