Solutions Portfolio

Solutions built on a platform of understanding and collaboration.

We believe that embracing the transformative opportunity offered by technology in today's global economy will help businesses outshine their competition and succeed. And amongst the various resources available to harness the potential of technology, the most important is access to the Right IT Talent.

For over 20 years we have partnered with our clients with a focus and a commitment to deliver solutions that help unleash the power of human capital. Our client-focused solutions range from on-demand staff augmentation to project based staffing, recruitment process outsourcing, IT Project Services, or an optimal blend of all of them.

No matter what shape the solution takes, our approach includes an in-depth assessment of our client's business objectives, current challenges, and the key issues affecting their industry. Working as an integral part of the client's team, we bring together technical expertise, creativity, and proven methods, while analyzing, designing, developing and implementing solutions that meet or exceed expectations every time.

Consistent with our philosophy, our service portfolio offers diverse and flexible options, both on-site and off-site.

IT Contingent Workforce Solutions:

    • Talent on Demand:

Our Talent on Demand solutions help businesses get access to the 'Right Talent' – a combination of Right Skills, at the Right Time, and at the Right Cost. We believe that this 'Right Talent' is a key component of project success and profitable business growth. Our experience and ability to successfully seek, select, and on-board this critical resource in a short period of time, helps strengthen the client's workforce to achieve the best outcomes. So while we do what we do best, it frees up clients to focus on what they do best.

    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

As a part of this service we become an extension of your talent acquisition environment, working either on-site or off-site. Built on our in-depth understanding of technologies, recruiting strategies, and processes (Vector 360 process), this approach provides clients with a flexible, cost efficient, and scalable solution that enhances their ability to seek, select and on-board the needed talent. More importantly, clients benefit from this improved access to talent quality that fuels their business success.

IT Project Solutions:

We begin by taking ownership of the project deliverable. Building on our understanding of technology and talent acquisition, we become an extension of your IT Application Development environment, working either on-site or off-site, or maybe off-shore. This 'IT as a Service' model gives clients a flexible, cost efficient, scalable solution that enhances their ability to 'do more with less'.

More importantly, clients benefit from this approach where Vector is accountable for results beyond 'talent acquisition'. Clients get both a development partner and a talent acquisition partner - a partner with access to a skilled talent pool, who will invest resources in building a detailed understanding of clients' IT environment. And a partner whose flexibility and collaborative engagement philosophy will enable clients to engage in meaningful ways that improve successful project completion, in a timely manner, with cost efficiency and increased profitability.