Our IT Talent is out there and they’re looking for you.

IT Workforce Solutions

With the skills gap widening and IT unemployment in the US at its lowest rate since 2000, nearly 60% of all employers struggle to fill job vacancies within 12 weeks.

Recent research from the Korn Ferry Institute suggests that filling job vacancies is only going to get worse. Knowledge-intensive industries such as Financial and Business Services, Technology, Media, Communications, and Manufacturing will be some of the hardest hit. These industries require high volumes of skilled workers – and as demand outpaces supply, competition for qualified candidates will soar.

Talent on Demand: With Vector’s Talent Fulfillment 3A Framework, we help you acquire the right combination of requirements, professional and technical competencies, timing, and cost. This framework helps us to secure the talent you need – when and where you need it. But we don’t stop there.

IT Workforce Solution Examples

Company Culture Defined

We go the extra mile with innovative solutions to deliver on our clients’ requests. For example, numerous pre-qualified candidates were submitted to a fashion wholesaler, but none were selected. After digging deep and asking the right questions, we learned that the client wanted the candidate to identify with the company’s unique culture. This understanding of their need for cultural affinity helped us – and them – to hire just the right candidate.

Unique Testing Protocols

A large systems integrator client working on a major federal government contract wanted a unique combination of technical expertise. Off-the-shelf screening/testing products didn’t exist to meet these requirements. The solution? We developed a series of testing protocols specifically for this client. The testing was exceptional — turning that 1 hire to 45 hires in 30 months.