Our approach continually delivers exceptional, performance-focused IT Talent. And we can prove it.

Process: Talent Acquisition 360

After implementing our Talent Fulfillment 3A Framework, we deploy Talent Acquisition 360, our three-stage, seven-step recruiting process.

This holistic approach is used to craft and execute our talent sourcing strategy. It incorporates new/social media as well as traditional recruitment tools.

STAGE 1 – Candidate Need

Once your requirements are received and analyzed by your Vector Account Manager, a strategy is developed to seek out potential candidate pools for further screening by us. This is a two-step process:



  • Assess requirements internally for strategy development.



  • Advertise the job to vendor partners and job boards.

STAGE 2 – Candidate Qualification

With sourcing underway, our dedicated team of recruiters begins aggregating candidates from numerous resources including Vector’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We skill-match more than 125,000 pre-sourced candidates for their professional and technical competencies. This is a three-step process:



  • Aggregate resumés from key sources.



  • Pre-screen potential candidates.



  • Identify qualified candidates.

STAGE 3 – Candidate Submission

Thoroughly vetted, cleaned, and standardized resumés of high-potential candidates are reviewed with the client. Once top candidate selections are made, we conduct comprehensive background and reference checks. Upon final candidate selection by the client, we provide customized on-boarding that includes a client orientation and client-side introductions. This two-step process includes:



  • Vet and submit resumés of top candidates for interview and selection.



  • Manage candidate on-boarding and contract administration.