Our approach continually delivers exceptional, performance-focused IT Talent. And we can prove it.

Process: Talent Engagement

After developing and implementing our Talent Fulfillment 3A and Talent Acquisition 360 processes, we deploy our Talent Engagement methodology to leverage past and current experience learning.

Throughout every client engagement, we listen, provide feedback, encourage education and training, maintain competitive compensation, and recognize these individuals as talented and appreciated team members. Retention of our workforce talent is a top priority.

Routinely, we engage with key stakeholders through an ongoing dialogue aimed at performance improvement. This insight centers on communication and collaboration, quality and timely deliverables, risk management and most important, your feedback.

Key components of our Engagement Methodology include:



  • Client Relationship Management



  • Task Order Management



  • Discuss and Learn
  • Communication Management


Learn & Re-Engage

  • Quality Management
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Candidate Management
  • Fiscal/Compliance Management

Through our Talent Engagement methodology, we provide a continuum of IT Talent that is vital to your mission. This proven process is built on our decades of experience and process improvement learning. This is Vector Talent.